documenta and Kassel

Explore the North Hesse metropolis. You will be surprised how much Kassel has to offer. Particularly impressive are the two parks. As you walk around exploring the city, you’ll find yourself marvelling at such landmarks as the expansive, baroque Bergpark (mountain park) and its Hercules Monument, at Wilhelmshöhe Palace, Löwenburg Castle, the Great Greenhouse and many other breathtaking sights. You will find the beautiful Karlsaue Park in the immediate vicinity of the city centre. Especially in summer it is a wonderful place to stroll through and you will quickly be entranced by the charm of the little canals and the Siebenbergen flower island. No doubt also one reason why there is even a professor of strolling science, the so-called Strollology or Promenadology, at the University of Kassel. The main attraction of the city is the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. Awarded the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013, the mountain park is unique in European landscape architecture and is home to many different attractive viewpoints and excursion destinations. It is here that you can gaze in wonder at Kassel’s most famous landmark, the Hercules Monument, with its cascades and popular fountains and water features, and visit the Wilhelmshöhe Palace and Löwenburg Castle.



If anyone says “culture” in Kassel, they automatically mean the documenta and the Brothers Grimm as well. The GRIMM WORLD on the vineyard devotes itself to their incredible linguistic treasures and fairy tales. It is a favourite of Kassel’s inhabitants and of visitors too and most certainly one of the most beautiful and spectacular terraces far and wide. And not only the fairy tales for children and families of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm but also numerous other works of worldwide significance, such as Deutsche Grammatik (German Grammar) and the Deutsche Wörterbuch (Germany Dictionary) are on display here in their current versions. It turns wonderfully colourful and exotic in Kassel every five years when documenta opens its doors for exactly 100 days. The largest and world-renowned exhibition of contemporary art brings international flair to Kassel. Famous and lesser known names from the art and culture scenes converge on Kassel. A veritable spectacle. And with its museumscape, Kassel has a great deal to offer between these five years too. The avant-garde in the Fridericianum museum, the modern art in the Neue Galerie and above all the eminent Old Masters Picture Gallery and the Collection of Antiquities in Wilhelmshöhe Palace are but a small selection. Kassel likewise offers music, theatre and dance, ranging from the classical summer night concert, the culture marquee with international acts to grand arias at the State Theatre. Music theatre, drama, dance theatre, concerts, young State Theatre as well as various little theatres with thrilling and distinctive performances are all seeing Kassel’s programme of cultural events thrive.



North Hesse’s nature compares to no other. Once you have discovered its joys, you will never need an exotic destination again. Walking through the forests is pure magic. This is where you will find Sababurg Castle, for example, the very castle which was the inspiration for the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty – and needless to say, the fairy-tale walking trail goes right past it. If you don’t feel like walking too much, we recommend a ride on a carriage, starting from our forest hotel Elfbuchen and going through the Habichtswald Nature Park. This is perhaps the most pleasant way to experience the wonderful features of the North Hessian countryside, a countryside which is characterised by beautiful mixed woodland, mountains, valleys and meadows. And around Kassel you will find the Langen Berge hill range and the forests Habichtswald, Reinhardswald and the Kaufunger Wald – so the ideal place for an active holiday. In addition to you going on long walks, we would advise you to bring hiking shoes with you. And as far as cycling is concerned, the setting is truly stunning. With an e-bike you can effortlessly explore the notorious Kasseler Berge route and enjoy the most spectacular views. If you want to get some real exercise though, then you can simply leave the motor switched off. You’ll then find yourself in the midst of the best training camp in Germany.