The only major city in the middle of Germany is celebrating its 1,100th anniversary this year. As a former home to princes, the city of Kassel still possesses multiple representative buildings and sites. The partially preserved districts of Wahlershausen, Wehlheiden, and Oberzwehren are particularly beautiful with their village idyll. Vordere Westen is a very popular district among Kassel natives with its old buildings, many pubs, and small shops. There’s also the spa district of Bad Wilhelmshöhe, which is located directly by the Bergpark, with its old villas in Mulang or the alternative neighborhood Marbachshöhe, which arose out of old barracks. Kassel is a green city. In addition to the large parks, there are smaller parkways in nearly every district that invite you to come and relax. The social sculpture “7000 Oaks” by Joseph Beuys also contributes to this feeling. During documenta 6, 7000 oaks were planted throughout the city for this project. These oaks are easily recognized by the basalt stones that stand next to them. In addition to the documenta, which brings art from all over the world to Kassel every five years for 100 days, Kassel has a distinguished museum scene with a very expansive scope. Diverse golf courses have been established in Kassel’s surroundings. The Club Bad Wilhelmshöhe at the foot of Hercules is especially nice. The Hercules Cup, an international tennis tournament, is also a big sporting event each year. Currently, the city is experiencing an economic boom (receiving first place in the 2011 so-called “dynamic ranking” of the 50 biggest German cities). This is due, in part, to several large companies that have taken up residence in Kassel. You can find out much more information about Kassel by clicking on our Servicelinks


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